Diagnostic Fault Code List for Delco System

Camira, Commodore VN-VP

12 No spark pulses at CPU or else good system, no codes

13 Oxygen sensor output remained at .35-.55 volts for more than one

minute after warm-up.

14 Coolant sensor indicated a temperature above 130C for 3 seconds

after engine ran for 20 seconds.

15 Coolant sensor indicated temperature below -30C for 3 seconds

21 Throttle position sensor above 2.5 volts for 2 seconds when engine

speed was below 1600 rpm.

22 Throttle pos sensor below .2 volt for 2 seconds while engine running

23 MAT sensor shows < -30 degrees C for 3 seconds after engine

running 1 minute or coolant > 30C.

24 No speed sensor pulses when engine between 2000-4000 rpm,

throttle closed, high vacuum, not in neutral and all for 5


25 MAT sensor showed above 145 degrees C for 2 seconds after

engine ran for over 1 minute.

31 Unknown Error Code

32 Unknown Error Code

33 MAP sensor voltage too high (> 4.00 v). Possible vacuum leak to

sensor or faulty sensor.

34 MAP sensor voltage too low (< 0.25 v) with ignition on or

engine running >1200 rpm and throttle open >20%

35 Closed throttle idle speed is more than 75 rpm above or

below correct value for more than 45 seconds

41 No Crankshaft reference pulses.

42 Open or short on EST or BYPASS line to ignition module.

43 Engine Knock Sensor open or shorted.

44 O2 sensor showed < 0.250 volt for over 20 seconds while

operating closed loop

45 O2 sensor showed > 0.550 volt for over 50 seconds while in

closed loop with engine running over 1 minute and throttle open

more than 2%

51 Check insertion of MEMCAL in socket and bent pins.

52 Check that CALPAK is in place, fully inserted, and no bent pins

53 Car's alternator has produced >17.1 volts for over 2 seconds.

Check charging system

54 Unknown error code

55 ECU A to D error. Check ECU grounds, or excessive input voltage