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Ethanol Fuels (such as E10) are a blend of regular petroleum and ethyl alchohol, the same chemical found in alchoholic beverages. While they have a higher octane rating (usually 94-95 RON for E10) than regular unleaded petrol (91 RON in Australia), it also produces lower energy by volume than the equivalent regular petroleum, and can also cause a variety of other issues. Ethanol attracts and absorbs water, and is highly acidic, both of which can cause serious corrosion in fuel systems and engines. Ethanol can also cause water and sludge to settle in the bottom of the petrol tank, potentially damaging fuel pumps, filters and other components. E10 fuels also cannot be used with the detergent ingredients found in regular unleaded fuel, resulting in increased carbon deposits on the valves, and in the cylinder heads and intake manifold. 

While the amount of ethanol present in E10 may only be 10%, and some modern vehicles are designed to be compatible with E10 fuels, there is still a risk of damage with long-term use.

 To combat these effects, BG Products' 208J / 44K Power Enhancer  and 203J / CF5 Petrol Treatment can be added to the vehicle's fuel tank. The 44K Power Enhancer removes carbon deposits from the entire fuel system, as well as the intake valves and cylinder heads, restoring power and fuel efficiency, while the CF5 Petrol Treatment helps prevent deposit build-up, improves fuel stability, and combats corrosion.