Common Rail Diesel Technology

Currently, approximately half of all new passenger cars being registered in Western Europe are diesel powered, and the diesel sector is growing rapidly here in Australia. 

Modern Common Rail Diesel engines utilise fuel pressure of up to 44,000 psi, providing greater fuel atomisation, with injection controlled by piezoelectric valves, providing precise control, with up to 5 injection events, per cylinder, in a single combustion event. These technological advances result in quieter, smoother, cleaner operation and improved fuel & performance efficiency over mechanical diesel engines.

Common Rail Diesel offers a number of advantages over petrol injection in the modern motor vehicle:

  • Improved fuel efficiency, by 10-30%, resulting in improved fuel economy
  • Lower exhaust emissions by distance
  • Extended engine life due to stronger, more rugged construction, and the lubricating properties of diesel fuel
  • Increased engine torque by engine displacement, and at lower RPM, particularly when turbocharged
  • Simple ignition system negates the need for spark plugs, ignition leads or ignition coils, resulting in improved reliability


CoolDrive EFI is an authorised major distributor for Bosch and Zexel diesel components, and also carries a wide range of diesel products from major suppliers, such as Delphi and Denso, and many others.
  • The complete Bosch diesel range, including all diesel injector and pump components
  • Both Bosch and Denso type diesel injectors and supply pumps

  • Emission Control Devices, such as EGR valve assemblies
  • Fuel rail pressure sensors, MAP/boost pressure sensors, crank- and camshaft sensors.

Bosch and their Japanese diesel subsidiary, Zexel, have an international team of over 52,000 diesel specialists. The Diesel Systems Division develops, applies and manufactures technology which contributes to making diesel vehicles more environmentally friendly, and more economical. CoolDrive EFI stock and distribute a large range of Bosch and Zexel Common Rail Diesel Injection Products to suit a wide range of vehicles and applications. 

CoolDrive EFI also stock and distribute a comprehensive range of Denso Common Rail Diesel Injection Products to suit your needs, covering vehicles such as Toyota Hilux and Landcruiser, Holden Rodeo, Nissan Navara, Ford Transit and many more.