CoolDrive's EFI Division have recently expanded our electrical component service, including the testing & repair of a wide range of ECU's, BCM's, ABS Modules, and more. Commonly performed services include the repair of N16 Pulsar ECU's and idle control motors, Holden VZ Commodore BCM repairs (indicators staying on) , Toyota RAV4 transmission control / ECU repairs, and the repair of Bosch ABS control modules (electronic module only), to suit a range of vehicles. 

We can also program Holden VZ V6 Commodore and TS Astra / XC Barina Z18XE engine ECU's, which can only be programmed using OE software (Tech 2) and equipment, ready for installation in the vehicle. Alternatively, for the VZ Commodore, we can part-program the replacement ECU, which can then be introduced to the vehicle with a standard aftermarket scan tool, saving you time & money.    

Please note that some repairs or programming will also require other components such as immobilisers, vehicle keys, body control modules, or instrument clusters etc. Please contact us for more information.

We also require an accurate description of the suspected fault with the component or vehicle, and a brief description of any diagnostic work which has already been completed. Click here to print our component fault report form, please send it to us with your components. Contact CoolDrive EFI today for more information!  




Autologic offer OEM-level scan tools to suit a wide range of European vehicles. They include full functionality, including coding and programming, minimizing or cancelling the need to refer to OE dealerships. 

Their new 'AssistPlus' diagnostic scan tool is a cloud-connected tablet, which enables a wide range of functions, and includes a 12 month subscription to Autologic's 'Assist' support network of brand-specific expert technicians. Their Assist Experts can guide you through diagnosis and testing of the vehicle, ordering correct parts, installing the replacement part and re-testing the vehicle. Click here , or contact CoolDrive EFI, for more information.  




It is a known fact that exhaust fumes contain many harmful and toxic gases and pollutants, and can adversely affect both the human body and the environment. And in an indoor setting or confined space, such as a workshop or warehouse, these effects are drastically worsened. Traditional extractor fans reduce these emissions, but often require major works to install, and can be an expensive investment.

CoolDrive EFI's new 'Euro Roller' exhaust filters are a simple and cost-effective solution to this problem. The filter simply fastens to the vehicle's tailpipe while in the workshop, and drastically reduces gas and particle emissions to very low levels.

The filter assembly includes a replaceable filter cartridge, which lasts for up to 280 uses for petrol vehicles, and up to 120 uses for diesel vehicles. There is a visual indicator on the filter to let you know when it's time to replace the cartridge, and there is also an optional extra rubber plug to suit twin-outlet mufflers. Contact CoolDrive EFI today for more information!