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Tech Tip - N16 Pulsar idle fault 

Symptom: Low idle, stalling, erratic idle, high idle

Cause: A common fault with the N16 is with the idle speed stepper motor assembly. The coolant leaks through the aluminium housing causing the electrics in the idle motor to fail. In the majority of cases not only is the idle motor assembly damaged but causes the ECU idle driver circuit to fail.

Remedy: If the idle motor tests faulty then the motor will need to be replaced. As it is very common for a faulty idle motor to cause damage to the ECU then it is highly recommended to have the ECU tested. AFI can test the idle motor and the ECU. Read more. AFI also provide repair/parts packages for the ECU/motor some of these are detailed below or contact your local CoolDrive EFI Division for more information.


FoxwellDiagnostic tool Idle Control Motor Assembly 

Stock code IAC9110

Locate your local supplier click here

Alt Cam & Crank Angle Sensors (Set) 

Stock code CAS1201

Locate your local supplier click here

Alt Air Mass metre 1.6 Litre / 1.8 Litre (up to 7/04) 

Stock code AMM9031

Locate your local supplier click here

Alt Ignition Coils 

Stock code C9072A

Locate your local supplier click here

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