CoolDrive EFI Division are a supplier of OTC tools, a Bosch Automotive Service Solutions brand, based in the USA, among others. We have access to a wide range of servicing, testing and diagnostic tools and equipment. See below for a brief outline of our range,  or please select from our drop-down menu above for more tools and equipment. 

Diagnostic Test Equipment

 Autologic AssistPlus Scan Tool - Comprehensive diagnostic scan tool for European vehicles, with an advanced support service from 'fault-to-fix'. 

 InfoLogger OBD Recorder - Records up to 24hrs of OBD-II trouble codes and live powertrain data, for diagnosing intermittent faults. 

 LeakTamer Smoke Machine - Diagnose air, vacuum and exhaust leaks, down to .010", quickly using OE approved UV dye. 

Engine Test Equipment

 Deluxe Compression Tester Kit - The complete solution for petrol engine compression testing, with multiple adaptors included.

  Master Fuel Injection Kit - Test fuel pressure, fuel flow and cylinder leak-down, helping to diagnose weak or faulty fuel components, quickly & easily.

 Diesel Glow Plug Tester - Allows quick & easy diagnosis of glow plugs in 12v diesel engines, without removal from the vehicle. 

Auto Electrical Test Equipment

 Tech-Scope Oscilloscope - Allows efficient testing and measuring of all electrical and electronic components of the modern motor vehicle. 

 Automotive Digital Multimeter - Featuring frequency, duty cycle, diode and continuity test functions, and more.

 Charging System Analyser - A battery, alternator and starting system tester compatible with 6v and 12v systems. 

Workshop Equipment

 Hub Grappler Kit - Allows servicing of wheels hubs and bearings without removal from the vehicle.

 Deluxe Vacuum Pump - A one-man hydraulic brake and clutch bleeder, also allowing testing of vacuum related engine systems. 

Crank & Cam Seal Service Kit - Remove & install crank & camshaft seals easily, without damaging expensive components.