Autologic is a world leader in advanced aftermarket automotive diagnosis. Autologic help you fix European cars, faster. You and your technicians now need support that goes beyond a diagnostic tool. Autologic can help you get the job done and keep your customers satisfied.

Autologic are the first company to recognise that you need more than just a tool to diagnose today’s sophisticated European cars. That’s why Autologic Assist was created.

Assist is not just a support service. It’s not just a tool. And, it’s not just easy access to vehicle repair information.

It’s all of these combined and so much more.
Autologic tool

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Introducing Autologic Assist and AssistPlus

Assist is the first fully-integrated, cloud-based support system for fixing cars faster and more profitably. At the heart of Assist is our unrivalled Fault-to-Fix process.
Assist combines a comprehensive support service with an advanced diagnostics device, called AssistPlus, as well as seamless access to leading vehicle repair information databases. This service was developed in response to the increasing sophistication of modern European premium brand vehicles.
Assist increases workshop profitability and end customer satisfaction. With Assist, Autologic provides a unique combination of technical insights and state-of-the-art technology.
It is like having a brand-specific Expert Technician in your workshop right when you need them – and not on your payroll.
For the first time, with Assist, you have a service that is connected directly to our dedicated Assist centres in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Germany, where brand-specific experts are ready to help you diagnose even the most complex issues.

Key features of Assist

  • First of its kind ‘Fault-to-Fix’ integrated diagnosis service
  • Service, diagnostics device and information in an integrated system
  • Service, diagnostics device and information in an integrated system
  • AssistOnline tracking system for faults and fixes
  • Integrated with our AssistCloud service so you can access your files on any device
  • Access to more than 50 OEM-trained Assist Expert technicians with up-to-date, professional development
  • Full software support and vehicle updates
  • Regular vehicle-related diagnostic upgrades
  • Booking system for more involved tasks
With the Assist service at your fingertips, you benefit from our unique Autologic Fault-to- Fix process to ensure that you get the car fixed, on time and on budget.

How Autologic Assist helps your business

  • Diagnose and repair more vehicles daily
  • Increased billable hours, revenue and cost control
  • Enhanced ability to service more complex

View the “How To” videos and Customer Testimonials from Autologic Click Here


Brands Supported by Autologic Assist:

  • BMW
  • Land Rover
  • Jaguar
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • VAG
  • Volvo
  • Peugeot
  • Citroen
  • Renault
  • Dacia

What you get in your Annual Assist Support Service
Technical Support
  • Symptom Assessment
  • Fault Code Interpretation
  • Log File Analysis
  • Diagnostic Pathway
  • Fix Pathway
  • Fix Assurance
Guided Pass Through
  • Remote Support Assistance
  • Setup Assistance
  • Online Wizard Access
  • Pre/Post Programming Healthchecks
Pass Through Programming Support
  • Guidance on J2534 and Euro 5 Pass Through Programming
  • Programming Failure Diagnosis Support
Tool Support
  • Onboarding and Device Usage Help
  • Help with Integration/Camera/Cloud
  • Guidance on Manufacturer-specific Procedures
Regular Diagnostic Software Releases
  • Updates to Chassis Roadmap
  • Updates to Variant Roadmap
  • Updates to ECU Coverage Roadmap
  • 12 months of software support and vehicle updates

View the “How To” videos and Customer Testimonials from Autologic Click Here

When should I call the Assist team?

Level 1:

Standard Diagnosis or Resets

There's no need to call our Assist team. You can use the software on our AssistPlus device to diagnose the car's issues, conduct routine tests and service resets to help you get the customer's car back to them in the fastest possible time.

Level 2:

Diagnosis Confirmation

You may be confident that you have identified the issue with the customer's car, but you just want an additional level of reassurance before you undertake expensive repairs or order parts. By scheduling a call with the Assist team we can help you confirm your diagnosis before you undertake repairs.

Level 3:

Problem car

We can walk you through the entire process. Some cars stubbornly refuse to be diagnosed despite being seen by multiple repair shops and generating many different fault codes. If you call us to talk about one of these 'problem cars', we will take you through our Assist Fault-to-Fix five-step process to work through the problems, fully supported by OE-trained Master Technicians and connected via the AssistPlus device.
Autologic device
Talk to Assist
Order parts
Autologic Assist
Unsure of diagnosis
Fix vehicle
Connect device to car
Confirm suspected diagnosis
Bill your customers

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